Serving the Community for 27 Years…

Founded in 1994, Prime Care Services Hawaii is a family-oriented home healthcare agency committed to providing quality care to clients who require skilled services through an interdisciplinary team of competent, motivated healthcare professionals.  We serve the island of Oahu.

Evaluation and Services

Patient Care is our priority in the home. We provide comprehensive evaluations in these areas:

  • Nursing
  • Speech Pathology
  • Physical Therapy
  • Home Health Aide
  • Medical Social Services
  • Occupational Therapy

When initiating services, we send a registered nurse or physical therapist to complete an evaluation. A Case Manager is assigned to coordinate home care services.

Here are detailed descriptions of our services:

Skilled Nursing

Registered Nurses are skilled in wound care, ostomy, infusion and disease management.

Home Health Aide Services

Our Home Health Aides are certified in the state of Hawaii to provide personal care when skilled services are needed.

Physical and Occupational Therapy

Our Registered Physical and Occupational Therapists work with clients in the home to provide rehabilitation services and ensure that safety measures are in place.

Speech Pathology

Prime Care’s highly trained team of speech pathologists work with patients who have swallowing or any speech-related problems.

Requesting Services:

Initially, a call from your physician can start the service. Eligibility will be determined.

Medical Reimbursement:

Everything that our clients need in the home, we try to provide. Our services are reimbursed by Medicare, Medicaid or Third Party insurance. We accept what Medicare and Medicaid pays.

Service Criteria

Requirements for skilled care services are determined by the following criteria:

  • You must be under the care of a physician to establish a plan of treatment
  • You need at least one of the primary services: nursing, physical therapy, or speech therapy
  • You are considered homebound when you have difficulty leaving your home without assistance of any sort(not necessarily bed-ridden)


Many times we get referrals because of a:

  • Recent acute episode that needed hospitalization
  • Recent injury due to accident or surgery
  • Complication from multiple diagnoses
  • High-risk disorder with frequent hospitalization
  • Treatment that needs on-going care like catheter changes or tube feeding
  • Chronic problems that need monitoring by a professional
  • Special medication that is administered intravenously or by injection